We want to tell your vibrant story.



Why do you do what you do? What does your voice sound like? How is your brand defined? What is your story?

Before we do anything else, we collaborate to discover answers to the most important questions in order to establish your organization’s identity. Then we can begin telling your story.

Every creative project is grounded in identity

We equip our clients with language and tools to tell their story, elevate their mission, and accomplish their goals.

A quick overview of our process:

  • Intake Interview: This conversation typically takes an hour and involves your organization’s primary marketing stakeholders (usually not more than 4 people)

  • Intake Summary: Following the interview we supply a brief report that encapsulates the essence of our conversation and serves as a diving board for everything to come.

  • Proposal: An outline of the project and a production schedule is supplied for approval.

  • Creative Process: This is where the magic happens. Whether we’re composing your mission/vision/values statement, designing/developing/building out your brand, or establishing your marketing/communication strategy, we prioritize asking the right questions, listening attentively, thinking innovatively, and collaborating to deliver something you’re truly proud of.

  • Implementation: Once identity is established/defined and a strategy is in place, we can move into implementation. ColorWord Creative offers logo, graphic, and print design, social media management, blogging, emailing marketing, website copy writing, and website management services to bring your identity to life. These can either be conducted as a transitional or introductory services to get the ball rolling on your new communications strategy, or you have the option of retaining ColorWord’s services on a quarterly or yearly basis for a monthly fee.

Choose your own adventure: We welcome clients wherever they are in this process and we are pleased to partner with you on all, or only one or two steps along the way. Whether you’re looking for ongoing communication support, or a single design deliverable, whether you’re formulating a mission statement, refreshing your brand, or looking to take your digital marketing to the next level, we’re here to make that next step as easy as possible.



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