City of elgin banners

We loved creating these customized banners for the streets of the city where we live and work. They’re full of elements that are distinctly “Elgin,” which makes it feel even more like home. Thanks for staying local, City of Elgin-Government, City Services and Community News. It’s so fun to paint the town with you!

Barkley Hills Honey

Barkley Hills Honey is a small business in Cadiz, Kentucky. "The B's" raise bees and harvest pure honey to sell at local famers markets. They asked for a logo that was classy, professional, and approachable--something that would make bees look friendly and fun, and still convey that the product is a serious step above the competition.

This logo was the final product, incorporating black, gold, and brown into a clean and simple design that still buzzes with plenty of the owners' sweet personalities. Many local honey connoisseurs and loyal regulars have come to recognize the Barkley Hills Honey brand as one that always satisfies. 


Center for Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation

The Center for Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation (CNCT) is a nonprofit organization based in Rockford, IL. It's a ministry on a mission to transform conflict through education, training, community outreach, and advocacy. CNCT's goal is to foster mutual understanding, build healthy relationships, and promote peace locally, domestically, and internationally.

CNCT requested a logo that visually communicated transformation and action. They asked for a clean, modern look that incorporated cool blues and greens and conveyed approachability, welcome, and hope to a wide audience. This logo was the end result: a simple butterfly about to take flight on multi-colored layers of transparent wings.

Solutions by Design

Solutions by Design (SBD) is a coaching organization for individuals, churches, and small businesses who are looking for strategic solutions for improvement. Whether increasing productivity, enhancing team dynamics, or developing leadership skills, SBD's mission is to work with clients who want to be more effective at achieving their goals.

It was important for the SBD logo to demonstrate the "break-through" process of coaching, as well as the forward movement associated with progress and growth. Those concepts led to the sunburst that shoots across the logo, as well as the brightly colored star. The overlapping layers represent the necessity of others in the growth process, and that success is never reached alone.