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“I'll have whatever you recommend," I said to our server, Peter, on my birthday last year. We were having dinner at an acclaimed Michigan Avenue restaurant in Chicago and I wasn't leaving anything to chance—so I put Peter in charge. 

Several courses and glasses of wine later, we cut into a chocolate-filled, candle-topped dessert and declared it the best birthday dinner of. all. time. 

But walking back to our hotel that evening I was less focused on the food and more focused on that Maya Angelou quote about people not remembering what you did or said , only how you made them feel. 

Dinner was incredible, the atmosphere infectious, the company unbeatable, but Peter was the key. He was the one who welcomed us, put us at ease, delivered a remarkable product, and left us confident that we could not have had a better experience anywhere else in the city that night. Peter not only served a mouthwatering cacophony of flavors, he made us feel utterly cared for. 

At ColorWord Creative, radical hospitality is something we love. It is one of our core values, embedded in our culture, and it’s a characteristic we’re actively chasing. 

  • ColorWord Creative maintains an open door policy in the professional building where we’re located, and we choose to keep our storefront windows uncovered to convey a sense of welcome to passers-by. 
  • The largest space in our studio is dedicated to creating a comfortable environment for our clients, one that is conducive to daily conversation, collaboration, and creativity. 
  • We prioritize eating together as a team, and once each quarter we make it a potluck so everyone can bring something of value to the table to be appreciated. 
  • Our first-ever company event was open to the public and designed to welcome other “creatives” from across industries and disciplines into a space of mutual learning and collaboration. (And we served free, hand-crafted cocktails.) 

It may seem odd that a creative communications company would spend so much energy cultivating hospitality when we could put that time into attending a design workshop or a writers’ retreat. But just like the best meal can be ruined by bad service, we believe that even the most groundbreaking design or excellent pros won’t be enough to keep our clients coming back for more.

So ColorWord Creative is committed to making sure our clients, vendors, colleagues—and each other—feel heard, cared for, and valued. And as we deliver the tastiest work we can cook up, we will maintain that radical hospitality is the key. 

- Amanda J. Garcia
Founder and Principal Executive

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