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Boys & Girls Club of Elgin

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We’re all made up of stories: a balance of pain and beauty.

Our experiences thread together to create the tapestry of who we are, each unique and beautiful, no two the same.

But, there is one thing all our stories have in common: we have all encountered someone along our journey that has incontrovertibly impacted our lives and made us who we are today.

When I heard that the Boys & Girls Club of Elgin wanted to create a hiring campaign, I was immediately inspired by the people who have poured themselves into my life—from the happiest moments to the most tragic. I knew the Boys & Girls Club wanted to surround their students with people like that, who would impact their lives—impact their story—in a thoughtful and positive way. This led to the campaign's narrative: by working at the Boys & Girls Club of Elgin, you could have the privilege of being part of a student’s story.

We also took care to communicate that this job would not be "easy." Applicants needed to know they would be challenged, and that the position would require you to pour into a student’s life. Working with the Boys & Girls Club offers a front row seat to a student’s struggles: loneliness, hurt, broken relationships, and poverty. But with that comes the joy of seeing a student get an A on a test, the laughter of a new friendship, the drive a student has to work towards success, and the impact encouragement can have on a student's life.

We all have a beautiful story, made up of characters who have played pivotal roles in making us who we are now. What an honor to be that person in a someone's life. 

- Abby Burgett

Creative Communications Associate


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