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What is Unsplash? It's a fabulous way to find free, quality, images on everything from poodles to doodles to noodles—trust me, I’ve had to search all three.

Why do we love it?

We love it for a lot of reasons.

First, stock photos are the worst. They look staged and stiff because they are staged, designed to be generic, impersonal, and unexceptional. With Unsplash, you find genuine moments with regular people who are beautiful and natural at the same time.

Second, we love it because Unsplash is a global platform where both professional and budding photographers can share their work. They have a chance at international exposure, and we are offered the opportunity to use images from all over the world. Win-win.

Third, and not for nothing, we love it because it’s free. Other marketing tools are constantly trying to upsell users on $8 images, but Unsplash never does. It’s free, plain and simple.

What do we use it for?

Our whole team has been known to use Unsplash for a variety of reasons. For my part, I tend to look to Unsplash when managing website content, creating social media posts, and designing client newsletters. Here are just a few examples of recent work containing Unsplash photos:

Remember, a stunning photo can elevate your content and help your business stand out from the crowd.

Jump in; make a splash.

- Amy Huckaba
Communications Director



Bonus: Unsplash Tips

Finding the image you’re looking for on Unsplash can take a little time, but it helps to search words that will offer the best range of photos. Let’s say that you’d like to wish your followers a happy father’s day, accompanied by a sweet photo of a dad with his children. Rather than type in “father’s day,” which yields limited results, search with broader terms such as “father” or “family” and find a host of gorgeous photos.