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Leveling up to the Pro Zone

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“I want to take my business to the next level.” 

It’s a common goal for many small businesses owners, but many don’t know where to start. We have the best intentions, but struggle to take next-level action. Maintaining day-to-day operations is often demanding enough!

Not so for First Place Rental.  

Lisa Munsterman, co-owner of this family owned and operated rental store in northern Illinois, set a series of specific goals to improve her business that she fully intended to achieve. 

First Place Rental has two locations, a stellar reputation in the community, established relationships with loyal clients, and a newly updated and optimized website. They offer excellent customer service and quality products—what could they possibly have left to improve? Marketing. 

Enter: ColorWord Creative.

When First Place Rental came to us, they already had some marketing efforts in place, but struggled to maintain a consistent schedule and brand voice. When Lisa decided to take next-level action, they hired our team to help keep them accountable and deliver memorable, value-added content.

One new tool we created to achieve this goal was a monthly e-blast for First Place Rental’s professional contractor customers. Highlighting the exclusivity of the campaign, we dubbed the e-blast The Pro Zone, created a reusable template in Constant Contact, and drafted a publishing schedule. Working off of Lisa’s love of a good pun, we created a lighthearted tone for The Pro Zone, making each email short, sweet, and fun to read (and write!). Over the last few months, First Place Rental has used this e-blast to steadily share consistent, pithy content with their professional clients, delivered in a mobile format especially designed to be enjoyed on the job.

All of this happened because of the tenacity and determination of the First Place Rental leadership team: Lisa knew what she wanted and took action. We at ColorWord Creative have loved working together to transform her idea into a reality and find her focus inspiring.

-Amy Huckaba
Communications Director

P.S. Read more about First Place Rental and sign up to receive The Pro Zone at www.firstplacerental.com. And be sure to follow them on Facebook to see even more of ColorWord’s creative content!


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