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When I was very young, my mother told me I would be a writer. 

I didn’t believe her. 

At the time, I thought the only way to be a writer was by way of novels or newspaper articles. I also thought writing was a personal, private endeavor that required great ideas, a quiet nook, and a leather-bound journal. Claiming the title of “writer” implied constant inspiration and loving to write like other people love to eat ice cream. 

Since then I have learned that writing is practically unavoidable. Thanks to the inter-webs, there are myriad avenues for the written word and most are the opposite of private. From micro-blogging to caption-crafting to self-published e-books and crowd-sourced articles on hundreds of platforms (not to mention—eek—blogging), possibilities are endless. 

Like it or not, my mother turned out to be right. I am a writer.

I write emails, lists, plans, mission statements, website text, and invitations. I also write song lyrics, recipes, articles, prayers, and group resources. I am expected to write in crowded, noisy places to meet my deadlines whether inspired or not. And while I enjoy the satisfaction of writing well, I don’t think I’ll ever love it like ice cream—more like a long run on a hot day. 

Fortunately, writing is only one way to effectively communicate. 

Design, images, a delicious meal, a great party—each of these tell a different story from its creator’s heart and ColorWord Creative was launched with the hope of using them all to tell vibrant stories about people, organizations, and businesses that want to bring good into the world. We hope to catalog many of them here. 

Even in this age of new-fangled writing, what a delight to discover that there are so many worth-while things to say.  

Do stay tuned. 

- Amanda J. Garcia

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