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A dear friend once said, "The only difference between doing something and not doing it, is doing it."

It's a simplistic, deceptively true statement that often comes to mind when I'm tempted to put off a task until I have more energy, or another cup of coffee, or one more snooze...

I can often justify delaying action by convincing myself that tomorrow is the better time. The first of the month is such a nice, clean place to begin, as are mornings. Or Mondays--Mondays are the truest place to start.

And I inevitably let Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday go by without prioritizing that thing that is closest to my heart. 

As a budding entrepreneur, I've discovered over the past two years that I can no longer afford to wait for Monday, or November 1, or tomorrow morning. If I wait, I deny the opportunity right here, right now. And who am I to judge this moment in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon? Why is it any less worthy of a beginning than it's neighbor? 

As a small business owner I am learning that every moment is not only as precious as the last, but just as drenched and dripping with juicy potential as the next. They all deserve to be squeezed for every last drop and savored for all their worth. 

In the time since my friend made that simple statement she quit one job, started another, moved to a new city, launched a magazine, traveled all over the country, took up baking in earnest, ran a marathon, attended countless live shows, and did so many things that she never would have if she hadn't simply done them. 

The time is now, my friends. Start and see what happens. 

- Amanda J. Garcia